The Space 관리자

DATE  2021. 02. 01

File.  应援申请书.pdf





THE SPACE的各位,大家好!









原则上以官方粉丝团THE SPACE的应援为优先,之后按VAST INFO MAIL(接受申请的顺序进行。




> 电影“共助2”现场应援申请介绍

申请期间 : 202121 ~  20212132359

申请方法 : 填写本介绍文中所附申请书上所附申请书,发送到VAST INFO MAIL(。



* 考虑到电影拍摄现场以及最近流行的新冠肺炎疫情等情况,过去为现场交流和沟通而进行的粉丝现场访问有些困难。


* 不接受涉及到拍摄日程等具体进程的咨询。

* 对在可进行应援的时期申请的电子邮件进行回复。

* 超过申请期间申请的应援将被无效处理。

* 提交申请以前请务必仔细阅读申请书中所述的注意事项。

* 即使已提出申请,但根据现场情况也有可能无法进行应援。












Individual Group Support Application Guide for Film, ‘Confidential Assignment 2’



Hi! The Space Members!


Here is an announcement on the individual group support for ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ which is currently under production.


For individual groups (at least five people in the group)that wish to join the support,

fill out and submit the application available by referring to the support rules, which are both available on the official homepage. 


The support event by The Space, the official fan club, will take place first, basically,

followed by individual groups in the order the application forms arrive at VAST INFO MAIL(

However, please note that the order is subject to change due to the circumstances at the site and the contents of your support.



> Onsite Support Application Guide for Film ‘The Negotiation.’

Application Period: February 1, 2021 – February 13, 2021, 23:59

How to Apply: Fill out and submit the application form attached to this announcement to VAST INFO MAIL(



* Since it is a filming spot and the prevalence of COVID-19, please note that it is difficult for fans to visit the location, 

  which would have taken place for onsite communication with the relevant partner agency under a different circumstance. 

  Instead, the VAST Entertainment staff will be there to manage the event.

* We do not respond to inquiries about the filming schedule.

* We will notify you with the e-mail you indicated on the application form when you can join the support.

* The support you apply for before or after the application period will be considered invalid.

* Please read the precautions included in the application form before you apply.

* It is possible that you cannot join the support due to the circumstances at the site even when you apply in time.



Thank you.